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BTG Solution

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VCCs have been the only B2B payment method to work in legacy technology systems.  Changes in the past 3 years have enabled new and more affordable B2B payment options - and that's where XanderPay's BTG (bank transfer guarantee) solution begins...

Benefits for Hotels

  • The flat fee per booking results in a cost savings for all guest stays in excess of €75 anywhere in the world

  • The receipt of funds may be faster than existing alternatives for hotels on a weekly remittance from the credit card processors.  In Brazil, the 30-day card scheme hold is eliminated

  • Localized bank transfers do not have a risk of chargeback or breakage

Benefits for OTAs

  • BTGs offer a more cost effective payment solution that OTAs can use to leverage access to best available rates or higher commissions

  • The BTG solution provides payment through local banking networks in a given country, thereby eliminating cross border fees and optimizing any FX conversion.

  • Improved hotel relationships

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