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XanderPay’s origin can be traced back to one meeting in 2015.  A room of hospitality payment geeks – discussing the exploding outbound Chinese travel market.  All hoteliers in the room admitted they were struggling with China’s payment methods.  They were all fine for Chinese guests staying in country – but the minute they crossed the border to London or Los Angeles or Dubai, the hotels could not accommodate the unique payment methods.


The solution – and not a good one – was to redirect these guests to third party booking solutions to allow for localized payments – at a pretty significant commission rate!!  Out of this chat, the HEDNA Global Hospitality Payment working group was formed.  XanderPay is a direct response to this group’s views on the future best practices of hospitality payments.


Our ambition at XanderPay is to bring together the best ideas and most efficient solutions to the ecosystem of payments in hospitality.   With hospitality payments, one size does NOT fit all.  Hotels do benefit from right-sizing payments.  We’re here to help...

Pleased to Meet You!

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