XanderPay’s origin can be traced back to one meeting in 2015.  A room of hospitality payment geeks – discussing the exploding outbound Chinese travel market.  All hoteliers in the room admitted they were struggling with China’s payment methods.  They were all fine for Chinese guests staying in country – but the minute they crossed the border to London or Los Angeles or Dubai, the hotels could not accommodate the unique payment methods.


The solution – and not a good one – was to redirect these guests to third party booking solutions to allow for localized payments – at a pretty significant commission rate!!  Out of this chat, the HEDNA Global Hospitality Payment working group was formed.  XanderPay is a direct response to this group’s views on the future best practices of hospitality payments.


Our ambition at XanderPay is to bring together the best ideas and most efficient solutions to the ecosystem of payments in hospitality.   With hospitality payments, one size does not fit all.  Hotels do benefit from right-sizing payments.  We’re here to help...

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About XanderPay

Our Partners

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Our Team 


Mike Carlo

Founder & CEO

Mike Carlo is the CEO & Founder of XanderPay LLC.  Mike also serves on the board of directors of HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) where he has led payment efforts for nearly 10 years.


Mike has over 25 years of payment and consulting experience working with leading travel industry payment providers, including GlobalCollect (now Ingenico ePayments), WEX, Transpay, Onyx CenterSource and PwC. He has extensive knowledge of all components of the travel industry payment ecosystem, from consumer payments to B2B and commission payments. He has worked with large airlines, hotel chains, travel agencies, etc. in all parts of the world.

Mike has an MBA from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He also has an Economics Degree from Georgetown (back when it was much easier to get in - he didn’t have to pretend to be on the crew team.)


Interesting Fact:  Mike has an accreditation on IMDB for this technical screen writing consultancy on the Amazon/Crackle series StartUp.


Most Interesting Travel:  Landing in a bi-plane on top of a glacier in New Zealand and visiting each of the 50 US states.

Daniel Flores

VP, Client Services

Daniel Flores handles client relations and account management for XanderPay LLC.


Daniel got his start in 2002 working for Washington Mutual as a Senior Personal Financial Representative specializing in business and consumer loans. After the economic events of 2008 he transitioned into the entertainment industry, spending 10 years managing department P&L’s for networks such as HBO, ABC and Netflix.


Interesting Fact:  Daniel has a much more extensive IMDB than Mike Carlo. Feel free to check it out: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3944307/


Most Interesting Travel: Cutting his way through the dense forest of central Costa Rica with a machete while being severely bitten by giant mosquitoes.

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Charles Simpson

Director of Finance and Compliance

    Charles Simpson is the Director of Finance and Compliance for XanderPay LLC. Charlie has over 35 years of financial experience across both service and manufacturing industries, such as airline, car rental, graphic design, agrochemicals, architectural glass, and advanced polymers. His career spans over a wide range of financial and business roles (Financial Planning, Treasury, Audit, Board Member of Joint Ventures) for such companies as DuPont, Guardian Industries, Continental Airlines, Avis Rent-a-Car, and Design Consortium. With the majority of his career being spent in Europe coupled with broad experiences, he brings a global mindset to local solutions.


    Charlie has an MBA from Cleveland State University back in the day when they made great surprises in March Madness.


    Interesting fact: After growing up in the flat Midwest, one of his biggest passions is enjoying the mountains skiing.


    Most Interesting Travel: Exploring the Gabonese jungle and coast line and scuba diving with Manta Rays in the Indian ocean.

Morgan Andrews

  Legal Counsel, PaymentCounsel LLC

Morgan Andrews provides legal and regulatory counsel to XanderPay, while working with XanderPay to engage its network of commercial, banking and payments partners. Morgan is a global payments attorney specializing in cross-border transactions.  For more than a decade, Morgan has provided legal counsel to payments providers in the US, APAC, Latin American and Europe, with broad experience in the travel sector


Xander Carlo

CMO (Chief Muppet Officer)

Xander Carlo is our CMO (Chief Muppet Officer) for XanderPay LLC. Xander has 6 years of experience in being adorable and eating exotic treats.


Xander got his start laying around in his office thinking about his next walk. One monumental afternoon, after his 5th daily treat, he decided to create a company in his name that would give him more access to walks and treats. So far, the number of walks and treats has remained the same but Xander is hopeful for big numbers in the next quarter.


Interesting Fact: Social media posts with Xander’s likeness has increased likes four-fold.


Most Interesting Travel: Looking out into the Grand Canyon and reflecting on his mupettness.